Time flies when you’re….stressed out?

WHEW! Talk about busy!

[php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picMaxW, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”776″; $picUrl=”http://kytykittens.com/wp-content/uploads/wpid-wp-1407504133046.jpeg”; $picAlt=”wpid-wp-1407504133046.jpeg”; $picCaption=””; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”right”; $picSize=”medium”; $picMaxW=”0″; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”false”; autoWrapImg();[/php] Kittens come and kittens go, and as of a few weeks back, we had placed each of the one dozen babies we were blessed with in Jan/Feb.  It was quite a joy seeing them all playing together and growing up…but it was a sigh of relief when they all moved on to their forever homes.  Twelve kitties is a LOT to keep up with! 😉

For those of you that are interested in expanding your family, and think that a KyTy Kitten is the route you are wanting to take for that expansion, we should have kittens available for delivery at CHRISTMASTIME! How perfect is that? Who wouldn’t want to bring home a sweet, loving sphynx kitten for yuletide cheer? They love wearing sweaters, cuddling by the fireplace, and egg nog! (Okay, so we’ve never shared nog with the sphynxes…it just seemed like the next logical progression of that holiday list, heehee.)

Back to the topic at hand, we already have a waiting list for this round of kittens, so if you’re interested, please visit our terms of adoption page to see what our forever families agree to and what our policies are, then shoot us an email with your info and we’ll get the ball rolling for your new beautifully bald baby! 🙂

[php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picMaxW, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”778″; $picUrl=”http://kytykittens.com/wp-content/uploads/wpid-wp-1407514598036.jpeg”; $picAlt=”wpid-wp-1407514598036.jpeg”; $picCaption=””; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”left”; $picSize=”medium”; $picMaxW=”0″; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”false”; autoWrapImg();[/php] Like I said, it’s been a very busy summer, between weddings (not ours), graduations (again, not ours), and getting the process started to move to a larger home (buying/selling a house is a LOT of work…ugh). we’ve had very little time to ourselves.  We still have our couch time with the kitties, where Netflix and catcuddles are a nightly occurance, so the girls don’t seem to notice the stress.

So, everything is craziness as usual around the KyTy Kittens home.  We’re hoping to have some fun news to announce early September, and I personally can’t wait to have more kittens to show off….so stick around! 🙂

Have a delightful weekend!


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