The best part of waking up…

Cecilia's kittens - 30Jul'13…is getting to see all the baby animals, of course.

This morning, I awoke early–as I normally do–to get ready for work.  You know the drill…the shower is as much about the arriving to consciousness as is it is about the personal hygiene.  Anyway, I had just become fully aware of the day, and was getting dressed, when I began to hear all the little kitten noises coming from Cecilia’s nest box. It immediately warmed my heart.

No matter how many cat moms we have, or how many litters they each successfully bring into our lives, I will always get a little nervous in the first few days of the kittens’ lives. This litter was no exception, but both Momma Cecilia, and the trio of newborns, have done wonders to calm my nerves.

Day two, the kittens were already rooting around blindly, exploring the nest box to discover what hidden treasures their new home might include. Cecilia, who normally has a very high human interaction requirement, doesn’t get far from the babies, even when it’s pretty obvious she’s craving some attention. Even when I was taking some photos  (like the one above), Cecilia almost wouldn’t let me even get my camera in to snap the shots, as though she couldn’t be certain the flash would do them no harm. 🙂

I’ve posted some pics on our Facebook page, and there will be plenty more to come as these little ones become more and more active…but for now, they are completely content to roll around with one another, and Momma, soaking up the doting new mom affection.

Have a great day!

~KyTy Kittens

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