Summertime…and the living is easy…

…when you’re a sphynx, that is.

This weekend will be a busy week for the humans of KyTy Kittens.  Olivia and Klaus–Hester’s little ones–will be getting their well-kitten exams and pre-homing vaccinations, so they will be ready to head to their new families next weekend.  Cecilia will be heading to the vet herself, as she seems to have developed a bit of an allergy wheeze (haven’t we all?!?) and we’re hoping for some kitty Claritin.  There are also non-kitten related business to attend to, and of course there’s always household chores to catch up on.

As the wait winds down for two families, the wait has just begun for two others, as Cecilia’s kittens are beginning to explore the land beyond the nest box where they were born. When Momma isn’t there to keep them safely cuddled inside, they venture over the threshold and have begun to stumble into the light. And what a cute sight it is! Beautiful blue eyes and dark faces looking up into the sun–or overhead lighting, as it were–and experiencing daylight.  You see that, and you just can’t help but scoop them up and give them a good amount of love.

I have a feeling this will be a great time for pictures, so definitely expect to see some posted throughout the weekend.

Hope everyone gets a break from the grind, and that (as least SOME of you) get to experience the privileged life of a pampered pet for a bit. 🙂

–KyTy Kittens


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