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Meet The Kittens

We apologize, but there are no kittens available at this time. Please see our recently adopted kittens below, or read more about our deposit list and how to join the KyTy Family.


Male Seal Point - 19 months old

This entire litter of boys has great color and unique markings.

Sold For: $1,800.00


Male Seal Point - 19 months old

This entire litter of boys has been blessed with beautiful coloring and markings. This little guy has a cuddly nature, and look at that patchwork on his back.

Sold For: $1,800.00


Male Tuxedo - 19 months old

This whole litter of boys have the best personality, and such interesting markings.

Sold For: $1,800.00


Female Munchkin - 2 years old

Update: New photos posted 1/18/20! Short short short!

Sold For: $1,500.00


Female Sphynx - 2 years old

This little chocolate girl is absolutely stunning and super sweet!!

Sold For: $2,200.00


Female Sphynx - 2 years old

This super dark and wrinkly stunning girl is absolutely amazing! She is champion sired, champion queened and is going to be as huge as her personality is.

Sold For: $2,000.00


Male Sphynx - 3 years old

This little sweet flame point boy is absolutely stunning! He is curious and loves adventure!

Sold For: $1,800.00


Male Bambino-Short Legs - 2 years old

Stubby little legs! This teeny little guy’s color is still developing, but we think he will start to darken up and be a blue point, but he may be a flame point.

Sold For: $2,700.00


Female Bambino-Short Legs - 2 years old

**this little one is staying at KyTy** Short legs alert!!

Sold For: $1,500.00


Female Bambino-Short Legs - 3 years old

I’m the tiniest of the litter. My blue point markings continue to darken, and I’ve still got lots more growing to do!

Sold For: $3,200.00

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