Male Thermal Bambino

SOLD to Annette in MN

UPDATE 7/30/18: Lambert continues to lose his fuzz, but not his affectionate nature. We just love to scoop him up and love on him every chance we get…He makes it very difficult to actually get work done. His forever family is guaranteed to acquire a precious and very well spoiled baby.

UPDATE 7/11/18: Both brothers have lost a significant amount of their baby thermal coat, though it actually seems to give them an even more unusual and unique look. Lambert still is still a bit fuzzier than Bernie.

A bit more densely covered than my brother Bernie, my thermal (or fuzzy) coat resembles a baby lamb. I have perfect bambino proportions (long body, tiny legs), and will love to cuddle, play fetch, and walk on a harness. Everyone is going to be so jealous of the family that brings me home!

Age:  2 years old
Sold For:  $2,500.00
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