Female Sphynx

SOLD to Jake and Tracey in OH

This super dark and wrinkly stunning girl is absolutely amazing! She is champion sired, champion queened and is going to be as huge as her personality is. Darhla loves attention, and is already stretching for chin rubs. She is going to be extremely sweet and needy!

Age:  17 months old
Sold For:  $2,000.00
4 comments on “Darhla
  1. Melody Miller says:


    I am a young professional from a small town in the seacoast region of NH. I currently live in a 1 bedroom apt alone with no other beds. I am looking to get a sphynx to give a forever home!

    • Tyson Kelley says:

      Melody, you should have received an email to continue this conversation, though we haven’t heard back from you. I’ll double check that your email address matches up.

  2. Katherine Barrett says:


    • Tyson Kelley says:


      While Dahrla was selected by one of our KyTy Deposit List families, we welcome you to check out our Terms for Adoption (if you haven’t already). That will outline all the guarantees and expectations that comes along with becoming a member of our family. There is even a short form at the bottom of that page where you can easily and convenient begin the process of joining the deposit list.

      If you have any other questions not answered by the website, please don’t hesitate to email us directly at [email protected]. Or for faster response, text your question(s) to 816-344-8557

      Have a great night!

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