Female Non-Standard Sphynx

SOLD to Susan in MA

Look at this face!!!!! This little girl is just stunning! She is super sweet, loves to cuddle, and has amazing calico markings. She may have long legs and fur but that doesn’t affect her amazing sphynx personality! She loves attention and will follow us around the house, even at a month old! She will be easy to harness train, enjoy car rides, play fetch, and make an awesome pet!

Age:  20 months old
Sold For:  $500.00
2 comments on “Chloe
  1. Lauren Edsel says:

    Hi! I am curios what a non-standard sphynx cat means? Is she hypoallergenic? I need a kitten that is.

    • Tyson Kelley says:


      “Standard” in the case of cats refers not to “basic”, but rather the “breed standard” or the list of attributes that make an individual classified as a particular breed. So in the case of Chloe here, she was born with fur, but her genetics still make her registered as a sphynx, so therefore she is “non-standard”. 🙂

      Anecdotally, we have seen that the non-standard sphynx kittens do tend to cause less allergic reactions from those with mild to moderate dander allergies. SOME people are actually allergic to a protein in feline saliva, and since sphynxes still have saliva, they would still cause a reaction.

      We recommend that, if possible, you schedule an appointment to come meet the family, and get up close and personal with the cats to see how you react. Hope that helps!

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