Female Bambino-Short Legs


**this little one is staying at KyTy**

Short legs alert!!!! This little girl has the sweetest little face and the tiniest legs! She is super sweet and needs all of the attention!

I love her blue torti color, and her talkative personality!!! This little girl will have that awesome puppy dog personality, be easy to harness train, and follow you around everywhere!

Age:  18 months old
Sold For:  $1,500.00
4 comments on “Calle
  1. Mindie Booth says:

    Would you consider selling her with breeding rights?

    • Tyson Kelley says:

      Breeding rights for a KyTy kitten are typically reserved for well-established breeders, or those we have developed a personal mentorship with. We will send you an direct message to discuss any further questions you may have. Thanks!

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi can you do payment plans?

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