A Friendly Guide to Kitten Reservation

Good morning, everyone!

KyTy Kittens has had a very blessed year. Every litter born in 2013 has been fully placed to wonderfully loving homes before they were even old enough to travel. Nothing makes a cat feel more special than knowing there’s a family eagerly awaiting his arrival the moment he’s ready to leave his mom!

Due to this popularity, and the subsequent growth of the KyTy Kitten waiting list, we have had to revamp some of the policies regarding how our kittens are reserved.

Change #1: No more “waiting list”. If this is your first time to our site, you may not know the changes that have been going on for the past few weeks. We have made a real effort here at KyTy Kittens to tailor to the needs of our future families. We have opened a blog, increased our visibility through social media, and worked to post pictures and updates as often as possible.

Because of this work, we have placed dozens of interested people on  our “waiting list”. However, we have discovered that, even with our best intentions, our followers on Facebook remain more constantly informed than those who we contact directly. We encourage all of you who have been placed on our waiting list: if you haven’t visited our Facebook page, please do so. Give us a “like” and “follow” and you will remain among the first to know what our girls are up to.

Change #2: No Deposit = No Reservation. Because of the overwhelming attention that our family is receiving, we must insist that the only way to “reserve” a KyTy kitten is by providing the $500 non-refundable deposit. This may be provided through cash (we always provide a receipt), certified or cashier’s check, or through electronic means* (i.e., PayPal, Credit/Debit card, etc.).

This new Reservation list consists solely of those who have paid the deposit, and are currently ready for adoption. For those who are interested, but still “on the fence” so to speak, may opt to join our Facebook page and be in the know with the rest of our followers.

Change#3: Deposit = Choice Order. The reservation list is set up on a “first choice” basis. The order of this list is determined by the receipt of deposit. Simple as that.

When multiple deposits are received, and a litter is born, the person in position #1 on the list will have first choice from that litter. If, for instance, the buyer is looking for a seal point boy, and the litter only contains three tabby girls, that buyer may waive his/her choice, and will remain at the top of the list for the next litter to be born.

As always, please be sure to read and understand the Terms for Adoption contract prior to making your deposit. We strive to answer any questions you have and reconcile any concerns that arise as quickly as possible.

Have a great day!

~KyTy Kittens

* – note that each electronic payment will incur a 3% transaction fee.


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