Drumroll, please………

Meet Agatha, a beautifully bald sweetheart that comes to our breeding program from a colleague to whom we could not be more grateful.

Agatha1Kind and affectionate (and almost 100% hairless), Agatha is already a welcomed member of the family. The girls were just seen grooming her, and Adolph has already noticed that she’ll be ready for babies very soon.

We are terribly excited to have Agatha join our family, and can already tell that she will provide excellent quality kittens for our future adoptive parents. All prospective cat families are highly encouraged to keep following this blog and get ready for more exciting news, undoubtedly soon to follow.

Coming soon: Eudora’s baby bump, Cecilia’s kittens, and (hopefully) Agatha’s pregnancy announcement! 🙂 Stay tuned!

**note** Due to technical difficulties, this post was unable to post last week, as originally planned. Sincere apologies.


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