Happy Meow-loween!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day of spooky costumes and delicious treats!

[php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picMaxW, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”915″; $picUrl=”http://kytykittens.com/wp-content/uploads/IMG_0485.jpg”; $picAlt=”IMG_0485.JPG”; $picCaption=””; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”left”; $picSize=”medium”; $picMaxW=”0″; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”false”; autoWrapImg();[/php]Also, we want to give congrats to Miss Cecilia, for having a litter of absolutely perfect angels a couple nights ago.  She has been taking excellent care, protecting them from prying eyes and snuggling them tight almost 24 hours a day.

It’ll be a couple weeks before we are ready to announce them as “available for sale”, but in the meantime, I couldn’t help but drop a pic to brag a little about how adorable they are! 🙂

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