They grow up so fast…

[php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”679″; $picCaption=”Karen and Anabelle”; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”right”; $picUrl=””; $picSize=”medium”; $picAlt=”Karen and Anabelle”; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”true”; autoWrapImg();[/php] This past weekend, the first two kittens of Agatha’s litter headed off to their forever homes.  While it always seems sudden when the day finally comes, there is no denying that it is time for these little sweethearts to spread their wings and fly from the nest.  Both of the boys did a fantastic job on their first car ride to meet there families–Mason even got to ride all the way to Chicago!  Then a few days after that, the third in the litter was picked up here at “the zoo” by her new forever mom, Karen, and the bond was instant.   

 [php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”677″; $picCaption=”Melissa and Warbucks”; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”left”; $picUrl=””; $picSize=”medium”; $picAlt=”Melissa and Warbucks”; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”true”; autoWrapImg();[/php] We absolutely love when our new “extended family” sends us updates of how well the “kids” are adjusting to their new homes.  It’s always a treat to see that they respond so well to the new environments that we have secured for them.  And being part of such a great moment in the lives of others (both people and animals) is such a rewarding experience for us, and we are so joyful to be able to provide quality pets to homes all over the country…and maybe someday, the world. 🙂 

[php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”678″; $picCaption=”Mason and his new human perch ;)”; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”right”; $picUrl=””; $picSize=”medium”; $picAlt=”Mason and his new human perch ;)”; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”true”; autoWrapImg();[/php]The new families can be no more excited to receive Mason, Warbucks, and Anabelle (the names that the families have picked for them) than we are to see them united with the families that will love them almost as much as we have. 😉

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

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