The KyTy Family

Deposit & Reservation Policy

Here is our current Deposit / Reservation List. For more information about our policy, please click the questions below to reveal the answers.

  • Katie R → Sphynx
  • Annette P → Bambino
  • Annsley B → Sphynx
  • Kelly G → Sphynx
  • Steven B → Sphynx
  • Tina J → Sphynx
  • Shean M → Sphynx
  • Kierstin A → Sphynx
  • Holly H → Bambino
  • Stephanie O → Sphynx
  • Dianna S → Sphynx

What is the KyTy Family?

It is our belief that when an kitten is born in our home, it is not merely an animal, but a member of our family. And that family connection is not broken simply by that kitten’s travel to their new home a few months later. On the contrary, the family that the kitten is adopted into becomes an extension of the KyTy Family. We love getting pictures and updates from our KyTy families, though email and social media…and we beam like proud uncles whenever we see the amazing lives that our kittens are given by their forever families. We understand that Sphynx and Bambino kittens are some of the most amazing and loveable beings on earth, and being able to share that love with you and your family is the true passion of our lives.

Why place a deposit for a KyTy kitten?

Because the main focus of our breeding program is to ensure the health, wellness, and beauty of our kittens, we have gained a decent following to our website and social media outlets. Because we are a small, family-centered cattery, we do not have large numbers of kittens available at any given time. Put those facts together, and our kittens do not remain available for long. Families who have been added to the deposit list receive direct notification new litters of kittens prior to them being placed on the KyTy website for the general public, allowing them to select their new feline family member before anyone else has a chance to “swoop in”.

What is the deposit/reservation policy?

In order to be placed on the deposit list, a family must first complete the form at the bottom of the Terms of Adoption (link) page. Using that information, we will create and deliver an electronic invoice for a non-refundable $500* deposit that you will receive via email within 24 hours (but usually in a matter of minutes). As soon as the payment of the invoice has been received, your name will officially be added to the reservation list. This will secure your family’s place “in line” for your future kitten, and you will be contacted directly when it is your turn to make your selection.

Am I required to take the next available kitten when it’s my turn?

Absolutely not. Deposits collected are non-refundable, but they are also non-expiring. We know that adoption of a KyTy kitten is a lifelong commitment, and we strive to place each of our kittens with a perfectly matched family. Therefore, should it be your turn to select, and none of the available kittens fit the “purrrfect” addition your family has been waiting on (i.e., not being the sex you were looking for, or having the color or markings you really wanted), you can simply pass, and your name will remain on the list, in its current position, until the next litter comes around.

Can I be placed on a reservation list without paying a deposit?

Sadly, a deposit is required to be considered a part of the KyTy reservation list. This is simply to protect those families who are truly serious about their desire to bring a sphynx or bambino into their home. We receive emails and comments on our social media pages daily from people saying, “I love your kittens” or “I want to have a sphynx someday”…and while we are flattered by these statement, the truth is that a vast majority of them are coming as wishful thinking. If we were to place everyone who “wants” a hairless cat on our reservation list, we would spend all our time contacting people and those who are really ready for the adoption process would end up buried in the process.

We highly encourage anyone who is hoping to someday join the ranks of “proud owners of hairless cats” to head over to our facebook page and give us the ole “like & follow”. Doing that will put you in contact with us at a moment’s notice, and will keep you updated on when litters are born, and will give you regular doses of kitten cuteness, through photos and videos that we post regularly.

What if I change my mind or decide on another kitten while I’m waiting?

Should you have a specific kitten in mind, and you find that purrrfect kitty somewhere else before he/she is born at KyTy, we completely understand. However, as mentioned earlier, deposits are non-refundable. However, sphynx and bambino kittens are like Lay’s potato chips…you can’t have just one! There is something so amazingly loveable and (dare-I-say) addictive about these feline wonders, that almost every family who has adopted one inevitably seeks out a second, either as a companion for the first, or because they don’t like sharing the attention amongst the rest of the family, HAHA!