From our extended family…

We received an awesome review a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to share it.

When I first decided to buy a kitten from KyTy, my dad was hesitant. We already had Golden Retrievers and a Maine Coon, but we had never owned a Sphynx before. I talked him into getting a little female, and my family fell in love with her. Almost a year later, she still absolutely loves to be around people. We actually loved her so much that we got a little boy from the next litter. My Sphynx loves to be wherever the family is. Every time I go downstairs, neither of them are very far behind me. They spend their days basking in the sunlight and playing with the dog’s tails. When one of our Retrievers gave birth to little golden puppies, the Sphynxes loved playing with them, too. These cats are so awesome, they even come to you when you call their name! I can honestly say these are the best cats I’ve ever had.  ~Megan Westwood

Thanks Megan! Both for the kind words, and for keeping in touch with us.  Here at KyTy Kittens, we really do consider all our animals to be members of our family.  And that familial connection doesn’t cease at the time when they head off to their forever homes.   In fact, the new family of our kittens become family of us as well.  We encourage all of our adoptive families to remain in contact with us, both here on our site, and through our other social media outlets.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing our passion bringing joy and happiness to the lives of others.

Have a beautiful day!

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