The calm before the storm.

Well, this is it: transition time in the KyTy family.

Hester’s babies prepare to meet their forever families next week. Cecilia’s babies are beginning to learn what solid food looks like. Eudora is beginning to show her ‘baby bump’. And it’s about time to unveil our newest KyTy arrival….but more about her later. 😉

Klaus always makes sweet cat faces for the camera.

In preparation for rehoming, we have begun to keep Hester away from Olivia and Klaus for increasing amounts of time.  This allows the kittens time to get used to not having the option to nurse and to have to provide ‘all’ of their own care-taking.  It also gives Hester time to adjust to being an empty-nester again.  She is not exactly enjoying her new-found freedom, however…she takes every opportunity to dart into the nursery to spend some time with her babies.  We even “caught” her in Cecilia’s nest box the other day, playing mommy to her niece and nephew.

Olivia and Klaus seem much more well-adjusted–almost oblivious–to the absence of their mother from the nursery. They are merely content to chase each other, play with the curtains, and climb every available piece of furniture. It’s becoming increasingly clear that they are just about ready to get out of the close quarters of the nursery, and out to their new homes.

In the next week, I plan to get a proper photo shoot of Cecilia’s kittens set up and posted, so they can be properly oogled over, and their new families can be the proud mommies and daddies they should be.  We also will officially announce the arrival of our newest KyTy momma.  She just arrived, and we’re gonna let her get settled in and ready for her close up.  You can’t make a proper announcement without pictures, right!?!?

So yes, the storm is coming.  But a welcomed and exciting flurry of activity that will bring change and growth to our family.  Soon it’ll be raining cats and….more cats. 😉

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  • Jake Petrosky

    August 31, 2013 at 6:00 am


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