The Polar Vortex may be about to rear its ugly head once again this week here in the midwest, but in the home of KyTy Kittens, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Spring!

That’s right! The season of rebirth is upon us, as we have not just one mom-to-be, but three!  Eudora, Cecilia, and Hester are all beginning to show off their baby bumps.  Super affectionate toward each other and us (even moreso than usual), the girls are already turning into little moms, once again.  And in addition to the ladies-in-waiting, we have a litter that has already arrived!

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Our newest momma, Agatha, gave birth a week ago Thursday to four beautiful bald babies, and they are just instant favorites.  Three boys and a girl, these little explorers are some of the earliest adventurers we’ve ever had.  Eyes began to open at just FOUR DAYS! We could hardly believe it.  Agatha is a doting mother, always sure to keep a watchful eye over them whenever we pull them from the nestbox to love on them, and makes sure to photobomb as many pictures as she can.

Undoubtedly, there will be many more moments to report as the next few weeks pass.  And for anyone who has a question or wants to express interest in becoming a sphynx family (or growing your family, if you already own a naked beauty) please don’t hesitate to comment here, on our facebook, or by emailing us through the contact link above, or directly at

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