Another year, another thank you.

2014 has been one of the speediest years I have ever experienced.  I feel like an old man for saying it, but seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year with champagne toasts and big plans.  Some of those plans were brought to fruition, while others are still on the horizon.  We have expanded our family, both through the addition of Rose, Boris, Francine, and Myrtle, as well as having  placed kittens in homes all over the country, from New Jersey to Hawaii.  We have experienced loss, as any family will, and we have experience joy.  [php]global $picID, $picCaption, $picTitle, $picAlign, $picUrl, $picSize, $picMaxW, $picAlt, $picAdj, $picLightBox; $picID=”966″; $picUrl=””; $picAlt=”IMG_0776.JPG”; $picCaption=””; $picTitle=””; $picAlign=”left”; $picSize=”medium”; $picMaxW=”0″; $picAdj=”0″; $picLightBox=”false”; autoWrapImg();[/php] It’s what makes this life human.  To wake up to these cats everyday is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.  And to be able to provide that happiness to others is the second most rewarding.

So today, on Thanksgiving, I want to wish each of you a spectacular day.  For those of you with grand traditions of turkey and stuffing with family and friends, may your appetites not come without understanding and appreciation of those who have less.  For those of you spending the holiday alone, or at work, or just apart from the ones you love, know that you are in the hearts and prayers of many. Myself included.

Now I really must be off…we have sides to finish! 🙂

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