Another Proud Momma!

Bursting at the seams with adorable baby sphynxes!  This week, KyTy Kittens welcomed Cecilia’s first litter of 2014.

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Four adorable little sweethearts to add to our happy hoard.  🙂  Cecilia is the daintiest of our girls, but she sure knows how to bring babies into this world without a fuss.  When I arrived home from work, she was out and about, no babies.  But by the time dinner was over, she had four.  Nature is truly remarkable.  Normally a sucker for human affection, our little momma has become quite the recluse.  We see her when she comes out of the nest box for her daily necessities, but otherwise she can be found lying with her sweet, precious progeny.  A true doting mother…and we couldn’t be prouder!

Stay tuned for more pics, as our three litters begin to grow and come into their own.  We’ll be adding Eudora’s litter to the list of available kittens in just a few days, and Hester looks like she could pop any minute, bringing a fourth litter into the Feline Maternity Ward that has become of our home.

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