Always part of the family

There is truly never a day when we stop caring for the animals that are delivered to the world through our home.  We raise each kitten with the love and attention that we believe every little kitten deserves.  We screen all our families to make sure that the homes into which our kittens are placed are as supportive as the one they come from…and we encourage all our families to keep in touch with us as their little ones grow into beloved members of the home.

One of our favorite “perks” here at KyTy Kittens is getting those updates from our extended families–through social media or directly through texts and emails.

Gimli Kitten

A couple weeks ago, one of our families out in Salina, Kansas posted a Throwback Thursday to Facebook, including a delightful (and unsolicited) endorsement!

Chandra and Rob have certainly kept their word to keep in touch. Gimli is probably one of the most photographed kittens we’ve ever had adopted.  Between Facebook and Instagram, we have been blessed to watch this amazing little tabby bambino grow up, and it continues to warm our hearts to see how loved and adored he is to this day!

We are so excited every time we see their posts.  We also enjoy sending links about cats and cat-related products back and forth…because all of us sphynx-obsessed know that there’s never enough when it comes to our hairless bundles of happiness!

Yoda Kitten

And a few days after that, as we were eating dinner, we were surprised with a text message from another of our families, the Parracks, updating us on their (not-so) little Yoda. “He loves sitting and reading with [our daughter] Reilly,” the text read. It was accompanied by two super adorable photos of their sphynx companion enjoying storytime with their little girl.

We can’t wait for our litters of 2016, to continue growing our family, and to send out the joy that these animals have brought to us.  If you–or someone you know–is interested in a sphynx, bambino, kinkalow or dwelf kitten, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our reservation list is growing weekly!

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