Agatha is a mommy!


In the first KyTy Kittens litter of 2016, Agatha had four beautiful bald babies overnight last Saturday, 12 March 2016.  She’s been nesting with them all week, and though their eyes aren’t yet open, they are already quite the little explorers.  They already have awesome little personalities, and we are crazy excited to see the grow and develop even more.

Three boys and one girl, this is sure to be a stunning brood.  Our sphynx reservation list is pretty long, so at this point, all four have been spoken for.  However, things happen, and some people have very specific preferences on the kitten they want (color, pattern, sex, etc.) so it’s possible that one or two may still come available in the coming weeks.  So…if you’re interested, please subscribe to our blog, like us on social media (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter), and feel free to contact us directly.

We can’t wait to see what colors develop on these sweet babies, and you can expect plenty of pictures and videos to be posted as these little one grow up!

Have a Great Weekend!


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