Meet The Kittens

We apologize, but there are no currently available kittens at this time. Please see our recently adopted kittens below, or read more about our deposit list and how to join the KyTy Family.


Male Non-Standard Bambino-Short Legs - 15 months old

Edmond is going to be super adorable and have tiny short stubby legs. Edmond will be an awesome little munchkin

Sold For: $1,500.00

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Male Bambino-Short Legs - 15 months old

Elijah is absolutely adorable and has the shortest stubby little legs! He has light red tabby markings that he will

Sold For: $2,800.00

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Male Bambino-Short Legs - 20 months old

I have the shortest little legs and most precious round face! I am growing to be absolutely adorable, with a

Sold For: $2,400.00

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Male Non-Standard Sphynx - 20 months old

Seriously…I am the cutest thing ever! You will just LOVE my super adorably round face that reminds my dads of

Sold For: $400.00

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Female Bambino-Short Legs - 20 months old

I am the only girl in the bunch, and I am already pretty spoiled! I will have a wonderful puppy

Sold For: $2,900.00

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Female Bambino-Short Legs - 22 months old

My dad says I’m “beyond amazing!” I have an insanely sweet personality, and some absolutely beautiful color. Me and my

Sold For: $2,800.00

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Male Bambino-Short Legs - 22 months old

I am a stunning little red tabby bambino! With a wonderful puppy dog personality, I come running to when you

Sold For: $2,300.00

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Male Sphynx - 22 months old

I’m a lovable red tabby, and Dad says I might just be the most dog-like in our litter! I am

Sold For: $1,500.00

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Female Non-Standard Sphynx - 22 months old

My dad says I’m his little torti girl, and that I’m super sweet and adorable. My sweet face and contrast

Sold For: $350.00

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Female Non-Standard Sphynx - 2 years old

When you see my unique facial markings, and experience my amazingly sweet personality, you’ll never want to put me down….which,

Sold For: $500.00

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