Meet The Kittens


Male Non-Standard Bambino-Short Legs - 11 months old

Edmond is going to be super adorable and have tiny short stubby legs. Edmond will be an awesome little munchkin

Sold For: $1,500.00

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Male Bambino-Short Legs - 11 months old

Elijah is absolutely adorable and has the shortest stubby little legs! He has light red tabby markings that he will

Sold For: $2,800.00

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Male Bambino-Short Legs - 16 months old

I have the shortest little legs and most precious round face! I am growing to be absolutely adorable, with a

Sold For: $2,400.00

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Male Non-Standard Sphynx - 16 months old

Seriously…I am the cutest thing ever! You will just LOVE my super adorably round face that reminds my dads of

Sold For: $400.00

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Female Bambino-Short Legs - 16 months old

I am the only girl in the bunch, and I am already pretty spoiled! I will have a wonderful puppy

Sold For: $2,900.00

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Female Bambino-Short Legs - 18 months old

My dad says I’m “beyond amazing!” I have an insanely sweet personality, and some absolutely beautiful color. Me and my

Sold For: $2,800.00

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Male Bambino-Short Legs - 18 months old

I am a stunning little red tabby bambino! With a wonderful puppy dog personality, I come running to when you

Sold For: $2,300.00

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Male Sphynx - 18 months old

I’m a lovable red tabby, and Dad says I might just be the most dog-like in our litter! I am

Sold For: $1,500.00

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Female Non-Standard Sphynx - 18 months old

My dad says I’m his little torti girl, and that I’m super sweet and adorable. My sweet face and contrast

Sold For: $350.00

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Female Non-Standard Sphynx - 21 months old

When you see my unique facial markings, and experience my amazingly sweet personality, you’ll never want to put me down….which,

Sold For: $500.00

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