Female Sphynx

SOLD to Brent in MO

My tortie markings and bare skin will make me a very desirable addition to your family. And my loveable, cuddly personality will make me irresistable! I am so excited to meet my forever family…is it you?

Age:  2 years old
Sold For:  $1,500.00
2 comments on “Eudora’s Baby Girl #2
  1. Paula Price says:

    Hi my name is Paula and I am very interested in this little girl! She is very cute!!! Do you have anymore pictures of her? She only has one. lol I am a past breeder many years ago. When my Mom passed away I altered my 2 females and gave them to family members slept my male and he just passed in my arms 6 months ago of old age. He was 13 yrs old. When my mom passed I kinda went into a dark hole for a while. So now I have talked to,my husband and I have an F1 non altered male who,is just so beautiful. I was,constantly telling my hubby how amazing his kittens would be and his line in general . A few weeks,ago he says, would you quit saying it and just do it! haha So I have been watching, looking and searching. I have always loved the black and chocolate colored torties. Probably because I always wanted one, my male was black and I never once got anything black from him. blue, brown, red and white combos lol Very weird. Anyhoo, when I get happy and excited I,ramble. so you know my life sphynx story. So, I have read your entire site and my next question is do you have copies of her parents him scans and pedigrees? Well guess I should first ask if she is available for show then possibly breeding? I am new to showing and is something I would like to do. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this.
    Paula Price

    Your Queens and Sires are very beautiful!

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